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Welcome to Hopkinsville Child Development Center first bilingual Child care in town.
Located at 2511 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Hopkinsville, KY 42240

With a focus on a dual language program, individual cognitive, social and physical development, the bilingual teachers and staff at HCDC all work towards the same mission: Through an emergent bilingual curriculum and culturally rich environment we nurture children, preparing them to be successful in life, confident learners and true friends.

A quality Immersion based bilingual educational program is at the heart of the HCDC curriculum. Through constant exposure to the Spanish language, cultural activities, games, songs and books, children at Hopkinsville Child Development Center are developing oral language skills in both English and Spanish. With a focus on individual development, HCDC stresses small class sizes and excellent teacher/ student ratios.

Bilingual Takeoff
We present our language program in the same way we present instruction in all curriculum areas. Children incorporate new information into their lives as they are able to process it and comprehend it. The children ability to accept, and understand Spanish and English comes as they progress through our program month after month.

Initially the children are exposed to spontaneous language, words and phrases that are repetitious throughout the day. Songs, books, manipulative s and words in print, all incorporate the bilingual immersion approach. As the children become progressively more familiar and comfortable hearing, understanding and responding in Spanish and English it becomes a natural part of their thought process. The long-range goals of our immersion program include:

1) developing proficiency in Spanish as a first or second language;
2) developing positive attitudes toward those who speak a foreign language and toward their culture(s);
3) developing English language skills commensurate with expectations for student's age and abilities;
4) gaining skills and knowledge in the content areas of the curriculum in keeping with stated objectives in these areas.

Knowing two or more languages truly gives children so many advantages in life. Bilingual children have the advantage of knowing two cultures, of being able to communicate with a wider variety of people, and of possible economic advantages in their future.